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California! Woo!
2006-02-15, 11:29 p.m.

California fucking rocked!

Never below 60 the whole time I was there, except in the evenings when Frank whined about the cold.. yeah! Then I came here to 15" snow and 23 degrees... I miss it already.

My trip there started with me leaving my Old Navy jacket on the flight. I was so pissed off by Guido and his grandfather who kept talking in whateverthefuck language to the guy across the aisle the whole time. Here's this 4 yr old precious child bouncing in the seat, bumping into me causing my very ACL torn arm to slam into the window a few times... so pissed off I left my coat and just dont care. It was like $10.

So, my days wrapped up in a nutshell included visiting this awesome store called Aahs. We went to the beach and walked in the very comforting sand... only to find a very small pair of dental floss thin panties and have a great laugh over it. We buried them for the next child to find. I didnt go in the water though, fear of jellyfish~!!! Well that and it was cold by the ocean... Sepulveda Blvd, Santa Monica, Westwood, Melrose.... the nicer streets of LA. Fun.

Then.... OMFG. DISNEYLAND!! Two 2-for passes into both Disney and California land were awesome. I had so much fun! Despite a broken wing and walking all day long, I still had the most awesome time in the park. Hollywood Tower Hotel aka Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Scared the piss out of me. My GODDESS nobody told me they toss you up and down so much! It was easily my favorite ride, as well as California Screamers. It was awesome.

Also caught a show at The Groundlings - SO FUNNY!! Improv/Comedy at its greatest and I had a lot of fun. Plus, Frank got us in free so it was like.. BONUS!! hehe.

Anyway, now that I'm back home in sucky PA it's time to decide what to do. Stan quit, and so did Lisa.. so my 2 reasons for going to work have gone downhill and my job is going to be even more stressful.

I guess thats why I called off today -_-


Anyway, sleep time... BARB KELNER!! The pizzaaaa eaattteerrrrrr!!!!

Oh yeah, and for your annoyment ~

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone

I've got this feeling
so appealing
for us to get together and sing - SING!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding
Donana phone

It grows in bunches
I've got my hunches
Its the best
beats the rest
cellular modular

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping
Ponana phone

Its no baloney
It aint a phony
My cellular
Bananular phone

Don't need quarters
don't need dimes
to call a friend of mine
dont need computer or tv
to have a real good time
I'll call for pizza
I'll call my cat
I'll call the whitehouse, have a chat
I'll place a call around the world
Operator get me beijing jing jing jing

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ying yang ying yang ying yang ying
Yanana phone
It's a real live mama and papa phone
a brother and sister and a dogaphone
a grandpa phone and a grandma phone too - oh yeah
my cellular bananular phone

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
Its a phone with appeal (a peel)

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
Now you can have your phone and eat it too

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
This song drives me .... bananas

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...

Bo ba do ba do do doob

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